About Chocolate Muse

We began our journey in 1957 to celebrate every moment of life and contribute taste to your happiness. We were guests in your happiness and celebration up to now. We worked hard to turn chocolate’s taste to turn into grace for many years. Chocolate was art, art was passion. When love is blended with passion, we established Turkey’s first chocolate muse and one of the world’s numbered muse in Pelit production facilities to bring together chocolate and art lovers.

We inherited inspiration from shattering leaders and artists. By this inspiration we opened Turkish-Islamic art works, world art masterpieces, legendary characters, famous legends and we prepared the waterfalls from chocolate for art lover’s visits.

About Pelit

As Pelit we are trying to provide unique tastes to our valuable customers by our customer oriented approach, uncompromising quality and hygiene understanding and we are trying to create special bonds with them. From 1957, Pelit family is our greatest source of success and proud that we established with our loyal customers and new customers coming day after day. We are aiming to be together with our customers in every moment of their lives by variety of product and services, prettifying the unforgettable moments. As Pelit we are managing al of our products from our general centre and we are not franchising. Thanks to all customers that being a part of huge Pelit family.